Curly Pink Chick | 1/2 Dozen Eggs


┬áThese beautiful green and blue eggs are laid by Dani’s specialty laying hens and are hand packaged with love by her.

It all started with a spark of love for chickens when she was 2 years old and we were living on the family ranch in Montana. From being around her aunty’s chickens on the ranch she dreamed of the day she could get her very “own” chickens! At 5 years old she petitioned us to start selling lemonade so she could purchase her first few chickens. The “Curly Pink Chick” was her vision and brainchild named out of her love for pink and her curly hair. She drew the first iteration of the logo and with a little help from Dad it came to life and was perfectly pink! In all honestly, her love of chickens and getting us started with those first 5 backyard chickens is what led us to where we are today!

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