One Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs


Locally Laid With Love

One dozen of our incredible, all natural, farm fresh eggs laid right here on our farm in Palouse, Washington by our free range chickens. Every single egg is collected, inspected, and packaged personally by us.

When purchasing your eggs as a one-time purchase we currently offer three drop locations in Moscow, Pullman, and at our farm on the edge of Palouse. You may also choose $5 delivery and we’ll bring them right to your door if you live within the city limits of Moscow or Pullman.


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The goal for our hens at Black Ridge Farms is simple:

For them to lay the best tasting, healthiest eggs possible. We’ve found these only come from the happiest, healthiest girls free to do as they please all year long. So we strive to provide the best life for them every single day. This means we focus on allowing them time for self care to molt in the winter and we also encourage them to take a break from laying these incredible eggs during that time. We allow them to simply be chickens; free to chase bugs, scratch in the green grass, enjoy the warm sunshine, and breathe in the refreshing Pacific Northwest country air.


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Weight 24 lbs