Our Story

We want you to be able to view us as ‘your’ farmers much in the way that you have your doctor, your dentist, etc. That can only happen if you feel like you know us so here’s a little snippet to get you started and hopefully we get to know each other even better over the coming years!

About Us

Hi there, we’re Jake and Jessica. We’re the owners and operators of Black Ridge Farms, along with our four kids: Danelli, Trexton, Adacia, and Kelton (not pictured).


While we both grew up involved in various aspects of agriculture, Black Ridge Farms is our first generation attempt at growing food utilizing methods that more closely resemble practices our great-great-grandparents would have been familiar with. Our focus shifted from raising/growing food using the more conventional methods we learned growing up after we started experiencing food allergies and sickness in ourselves and our kids from the foods we were consuming. This led us down a path of re-evaluation from the ground up of the foods we were growing, buying, and eating.

Regenerative Farming

While we’re still very much learning and figuring it out as we go, our intentions are to raise our animals and food utilizing similar methods to what would have existed 150+ years ago. This means using regenerative techniques that worked for thousands of years that honor the soil, the earth, our animals, and work in tandem with nature’s timelines.


Our farm is 100% chemical free. All of our animals live outdoors on grass with the option to go indoors during inclement weather and nighttime. We want to raise food we feel good about eating and showing to you at any point during the process.


Our goal is to raise the most honest, best tasting food you’ll ever eat. And that only comes from animals who are happy, healthy, and living their best life. It’s as simple as that.


Come visit us via farm tours or our farm stays! 

Featured Products

Whether you’re looking to buy our delicious eggs for that breakfast you’ve been envisioning on a relaxing Sunday morning or our stylish merch, you can find it right here!