December 16, 2020

“It’s a Beautiful Night Out”

As we were doing chores the other evening I found myself telling Daci, “it’s a beautiful night out” It was lightly snowing, right about 30 degrees, and barely a breath of wind. We were walking slowly up the hill in the dark after locking up the chickens while trying not to slip too badly in the snow. Not exactly a warm summer evening that phrase is typically reserved for.

That may seem insignificant but it was sort of a lightbulb moment for me. It’s too easy to be bothered by “bad” weather we have no control over and let it control our emotions for the day (I’ll speak for myself if you don’t want included in that statement).

I’ve been trying to not let negative self-talk happen about things I have zero control over. In that moment I genuinely thought it was a nice evening out in the same way I say it on a nice summer evening watching the sun set.

In that moment is when it hit me. It was working. I wasn’t saying it just to say it for her or to try to convince myself it was a great evening, it was a genuine statement that I felt.

Now the next step to conquer is wind, gotta figure out how to make my peace with it 😂 When I hear the wind howling outside as I get dressed in the morning to go out and do the morning milking and chores I can feel myself tighten up and cringe in anticipation of it blowing right through me. So here’s to the next step of working on taming that nervous response that’s been building for 30 years.

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