December 7, 2020

Seeing the Beauty in the Fog

I had a conversation with a good friend today that made me realize I may not have all the answers. I may make plans for the future that are foolhardy and subject to a lot of change. I may say stuff that might not be what everyone agrees with. As someone who likes to have the answers, plans, and get along with everyone that’s not always a fun thing to acknowledge 😉

I don’t think anyone would say 2020 has been an easy year, but I’m learning to see the beauty in what I previously saw as the fog I guess you could say.

We’ve always been huge proponents of growing our own food as much as possible and supporting our fellow farmers/buying local as well. It’s the lifestyle we’ve chosen and while I recognize it’s not for everyone I’ve been saying for years we need to start seeing a trend of people going back to the land and learning to grow their own food for a plethora of reasons. This year, we’ve been seeing just that. Around the country there’s been thousands of families making the transition back to the land. We’ve had several people in our region we’ve connected with escaping the city and are starting from scratch in their learning how to farm and raise animals.

It’s incredibly encouraging to see people pack up the life they’ve known in search of something better. Something they know they will fail at time and time again. Because let’s face it, even when we think we know what we’re doing we fail constantly 🤪

So if you’re one of those people or if you’re thinking about being one of those people, kudos. Serious kudos. The lifestyle you’ve chosen or are considering is hard. Make no bones about it. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it and so much more. You’ve got this 👏🏻

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