December 10, 2020

The Boss of the Farm

Boss has been one of the greatest additions to our farm this year.

Every morning he greets me at the gate waiting for some scratches and pets, then on frisk mornings he’ll do a little run and hop as we go let out the groups of chickens together. He never gets much more than a foot or two away from me while we walk through the pasture together.

At first the older chickens were a little unsure about a dog in their pasture. Now all the chickens know him and trust him. If he starts barking at something they run for the coop even if they haven’t seen anything yet. They venture much much further from the coop with him around than they ever did prior to him being with them. They know he’s guarding them, it’s really cool to see them respond to him and trust him.

Needless to say I don’t think our farm will ever be without a guardian dog or dogs ever again. They’re worth their weight in gold for the amount of protection and peace of mind they provide.